The Course:

Our online course in homeopathy is based on a spiral curriculum model, which will prepare you to become a professional homeopath. The course offers an innovative approach to homeopathic education with an emphasis placed on client/patient contact from the very start of the course. This will enable you to develop competence and confidence from the beginning of your homeopathic studies by gradually building upon the foundation concepts, while revisiting and deepening your understanding over time. Our expectation is that by year two – students are building their own successful homeopathic practice, so that upon graduation – they are already immersed in the industry and earning an income. 

What will my qualification be? 

We aim to have the course accredited with a number of homeopathic and complimentary medicine associations. You will be equipped to practice Homeopathy around the world. You will receive a signed certificate upon graduation. Homeopathy is an unregulated modality – with no formal registration required therefore there is no need for you to join an association if you do not wish to. 

Education providers around the world are slowly moving away from the older didactic style of learning and moving toward competency-based programs. This two-year course is designed to graduate some of the most competent practitioners in the world - who not only understand the theory but can integrate this into our practical work life as successful homeopaths. 

This course will be conducted online and is relatively self-paced – with only one mandatory live session a month. At the end of each trimester – you will update your portfolio to reflect what you have learned, ticking every competency that we have covered. 

The cohort will be split into smaller sized study groups based upon time zone and location, so that you can begin to build your community that will support you throughout not only learning, but the real world. We have found that these relationships are the glue that keep homeopaths successful and thriving in practice. It will be in these groups that you will attend live tutorials. Please note that this is not a Bachelor or Diploma.

Thank you for being a part of this revolution in medicine! This is the new wave, the true revival. What a time to be alive. 

Mrs Melissa Kupsch, Mr Peter Berryman and Dr Jean Duckworth