Our Team

Mrs Melissa Kupsch

Academy Director & Lecturer

Meet Melissa, a dedicated advocate for holistic health and a firm believer in the power of homeopathy. Melissa graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2015 and has completed a Bachelor of Science [Honours] Homeopathy.

With a forward-looking vision, Melissa is committed to making homeopathy a cornerstone of global wellness.

Melissa is driven by her passion to revitalise the practice of homeopathy worldwide, restoring trust in the body's innate ability to heal itself. Through her gentle approach to education, heartfelt advocacy, and community engagement, she is building a movement that empowers individuals to prioritise their well-being through holistic health.

Join Melissa on her journey to ensure that everyone can access the healing benefits of homeopathy, starting the path to wellness right within the sanctuary of their homes.

Dr Jean Duckworth

Academy Director & Lecturer

Jean Duckworth trained as a homeopath in the mid 1990’s and is one of the leading homeopathy educators.  Already an academic lawyer Jean became the course leader for the innovative BSc Homeopathic Medicine and subsequently MSc Homeopathy courses at a UK university. A lifelong learner Jean also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, an MSc in Holistic Approaches to Healing and an MA in Bioethics and Medical Law before graduating with her PhD exploring the experience of midwives practising homeopathy. 

Jean was a Board Member and the Professional Conduct Director of the Society of Homeopaths (UK) in the early 2000’s and co-authored the Code of Ethics.  Along the way Jean, along with a small group of colleagues was commissioned to write the new educational guidelines for the Society. The Society of Homeopaths (UK) awarded Jean a Fellowship for her services to homeopathy.

Jean is passionate about homeopathy education and particularly about how new homeopaths are prepared to enter successful practice and has published on what it means to thrive in homeopathy practice.  Jean makes us of virtual appointments in her general homeopathy practice.

Mr Peter Berryman

Academy Director & Lecturer

Peter Berryman has been dedicated to the practice of Homeopathy since his graduation in 1985. With over three decades of experience, Peter has not only established a thriving private practice but has also been actively involved in teaching and supervising student clinics. His passion for education led him to hold various academic positions, including Senior Lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health and Academic Manager at the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. Peter's academic journey is impressive, having graduated from five universities and three colleges, attaining qualifications such as MSc, BMedSc, BSc, PGDipHlthSc, ND, AdvDipHom, DipAstPsych, GradCertEd, and GAICD.

A perpetual learner, Peter achieved a Master of Science in Homeopathy with Merit from the University of Central Lancashire in 2015, showcasing his commitment to advancing his knowledge in the field. His dedication to the industry is further demonstrated through his role as a Director on the Board of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society since 2007, where he later served as Chair and President from 2017 to 2024. Peter is recognized as a prominent lobbyist and advocate for Homeopathy, championing its benefits and promoting awareness.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Peter generously volunteers his time during summer holidays at the Woodford Folk Festival, providing care and supervision at a free Homeopathic Clinic since 2007. Peter's multifaceted contributions to the field of Homeopathy reflect his unwavering dedication to promoting holistic health and education within the community.