By portfolio

You will create a portfolio that showcases your learning journey and the development of your skills over the 2 years. This could include reflective accounts, observational reports, and personal insights that demonstrate your understanding and application of homeopathic principles and practices.

Practical assessment (online) 

  • Clinical hours 
  • Observation hours in clinics 
  • Sitting in with graduate homeopaths 

Your own case studies - you will submit 10 completed case studies, each with a minimum of 2 follow ups. This will enable you to present your understanding of homeopathic principles, assessment, and treatment strategies so your clinical reasoning can be evaluated.

This course is flexible, and you will be supported each step of the way. There are no assessments and formal testing, simply knowledge gained and your ability to use that within the context of case taking and prescribing. You will be showing us your competency in your portfolio as you begin taking cases.